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                                 JRA1 AGNEW'S COLLATERAL DAMAGE *ENNOBLED* (10296606)
                         2DOX CD'S SALUTE *ENNOBLED* (10370125)
                                  2DOX GO GIRL *ENNOBLED* (10307894)
                Sire: AABG STATUS QUO *ENNOBLED* (10423489)
                                  TLB T333 "RIPPER" *ENNOBLED* (10276652)
                         AABG RIPPIN BRASS *ENNOBLED* (10363742)
                                  ASH CREEK BARBIE BRASS *ENNOBLED* (10245998)
Animal: JCKN STATUS UPDATE (10794054)
                                  AABG AS GOOD AS IT GETS *ENNOBLED* (10562055)
                         JCKN FIRESTORM (SQ) (10688216)
                                  JCKN PAINT MY WAY TO THE TOP (OT) (10608094)
                Dam: JCKN BURNING DESIRE (10719768)
                                  2DOX ROYAL FLUSH (OT) *ENNOBLED* (10485009)
                         JCKN QUEEN OF HEARTS (10608076)
                                  AABG BDV CROSS MY HEART (10539296)

Status update is a really cool made buck! He is
smooth made ,long, level, going to be a big buck
with a gorgeous  head and horn set. He stands on
good bone! Herd buck/show buck! You wont find
many young direct Status Quo sons! show correct!